Trading RULES
- Be aware that this a hard link exchange, and NOT A TRAFFIC TRADE;
- I only trade hard links with sites that have at least the same Google PR as mine (or higher of course);
- NO trades with webcam, chat or dating sites;
- NO trades with sites on subdomains or IPs;
- Our return link should not be parsed thru a trade script either;
- Make sure that your site is of a related niche or category;
- Your site must have at least 50% content - no link farms or cj sites;
- All sites must be 100% clean - NO consoles, dialers, exploits, or any other gimmicks;
- Our Reciprocal Link must be on your index or main page before you submit;
- Our hardlinked sites can be found near the bottom of our site

Make sure our reciprocal link is there when we check your site!
Otherwise, your request will just be ignored...


All New Link Submissions Are Reviewed Before Getting Included!
And once included, they will be checked daily
So, if you are planning on cheating us, you can save your time...


A-B-C Trades
To submit an A-B-C trade, just enter the url of your site A in the "Trade URL" field, and enter the url of your site B in the "Recip URL" field

Currently All Trades are Reviewed before being listed on our site!
Reciprocal links must be put on your site before submitting the form!
No limits on the Google PageRank
Maximum 3 sites allowed on same IP Address (refers to RECIP URL)
Maximum 100 outbound links allowed on your site, not counting nofollow links (refers to RECIP URL)
Only top level domains allowed, no subdomains (refers to RECIP URL)
No query strings allowed (refers to RECIP URL)

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Site Google PR: 0 PR
Site Anchor: Naked Models
Site Title: Glamour Cuties
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<a href="" title="Glamour Cuties">Naked Models</a>
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